Armata di Mare launches the “Bike Jacket”

E’ dotato di bande catarinfrangenti e di led che consentono di attivare le frecce dai polsini e coniuga tecnicismo e funzionalità senza tralasciare glamour e stile.

It is equipped with light bands and leds that enable the arrows from the cuffs and combines technicality and functionality without neglecting the glamour and style. The issue of road safety for bikers, and the lovers of the two wheels in general, has become ever more present after recent episodes of record, so much so that increased awareness campaigns aimed at reducing the number and the consequences of accidents on the road.

And enthusiasts and experts know how important is the choice of the garment to be worn for the outputs out door or to turn quietly in the bicycle or motor in the city. Born from these premises the first “Bike Jacket” by Armata di Mare, historical Italian brand for man clothing produced and distributed by Facib SpA & C. This is an innovative shoulder product dedicated to those who go cycling and wants to do it in a more secure manner. It combines technicality and functionality and allows the wearer to have greater visibility when on the road.

The light bands applied on back, shoulders and arms of the jacket, in fact, allow to be visible even in conditions of poor brightness. Also the zip is reflective. Moreover the jacket is equipped of lightning spread reversed for the center front and for the pocket on the chest, passing regulators to tighten the wrists and prevent the passage of air, cuffs adjustable windshields with sensors for the activation of the arrows and elastic hem to tighten the head.


On the back there is inserted a solar panel for the supply of two rows of leds on the shoulders to create the arrows that can be activated through the pressure on the wrist corresponding so as to avoid the cyclist to remove your hand from the handlebar to indicate a turn.

A special waterproof cap is then hidden under the neck: the jacket can thus be used also for the motion of water or for other uses in a comprehensive manner.

On the front, on the right side away from the heart, is placed a convenient mobile phone pocket that can be reached by the cyclist with his left hand, thus leaving the right always on the handlebars.

We have realized the “Bike Jacket” with the aim of trying to avoid or at least reduce all potential dangerous accidents that, unfortunately, always see more often protagonists cyclists and lovers of the two wheels” – explains Massimo Cortesi, CEO of Facib SpA. “An innovative head and security tool that does not neglect the details of glamour and style. And becomes part of our clothing line dedicated to men between 28 and 65 years old, attentive to their image and style, who live “en plein air”, in the open air and have need of heads performance and multitasking, perfect for every type of adventure and climate”.

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