The new Spring/Summer 2017 campaign by Gioseppo Kids.

The new Spring/Summer campaign by GIOSEPPO KIDS tells a story of friendship, full of energy, music and fun with a spectacular fashion film that marks the definitive launch of the footwear brand for children in the world of fashion.

To create this production, Gioseppo Kids had the fortune to collaborate with the extraordinary award winning director, Victor Claramunt, and a children’s advertising company.

Fun, friendship and dance go hand in hand during the film, that is inspired by the “Romeo and Juliet” drama by William Shakespeare, with clear reference to big screen hits, such as ET, Glow, Goonies, West Side Story and Moulin Rouge, to mention a few.

This campaign marks an important step in the evolution of this brand, more and more linked to the world of the fashion system, that is reflected not only in the film and in the photographic campaign, but also in the shoes themselves that make up the magnificent spring-summer 2017 collection.

The extraordinary photographs were taken on the same set of the video, filmed entirely in various locations in the city of Valencia, even if the city itself is quite anonymous while the story is being narrated.

The locations were chosen with care to display an element of fantasy and modernity to the idea. And so, the balcony of Juliet is transformed into skatepark ramps while the horse of Romeo is substituted by a bicycle that races between the containers of the port.

The actors that accompany the two protagonists are children between the ages of 6 and 11. Through the art of dance, they represent the internal struggles that are present, to find a place in the world that moves around them, growing into adults in the most natural way.

For the fashion film, seven different pieces were choreographed, of which only four are seen on the screen. In effect, the rehearsals began a month before the shooting and it was the first time on camera for all of the children involved. The shooting was more of a cinema production than a classic advertisement.

The little princesses will be enchanted by the colours and fashionable style of the GIOSEPPO KIDS spring-summer 2017 collection. Sneakers made with delicate flowers, irresistible ballerina flats, espadrilles in materials such as lace and crochet, sandals in pastel tones, tropical prints and metallic touches are the object of desire for girls during this upcoming season.

And for boys? Retro style sneakers created with handmade “worn out” materials, cool two-tone espadrillas, comfortable sandals with nautical notes and summer prints are the ideal choice for the summer season.

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