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Maria Romanelli, General Manager of Team Entertainment told us about her vision on the eyewear sector following her visit at MIDO.

Maria Romanelli, General Manager of Team Entertainment, a leading European licensing agency, told us about her vision on the eyewear sector following her visit at MIDO, the International trade fair devoted to the world of eyewear held in Milan last February in conjunction with the Milan Fashion Week.

BM. What were your objectives in visiting MIDO?

MR. For me as licensing professional, it is important to review an exhibition of accessory and evaluate its proposals, turnout, new opportunities for licensing, branding and co-branding

BM. What trends have you noticed in particular?

MR. In terms of trends definitely the evolution of materials in both frames and lenses. Today  the elements of the frame are interchangeable, with various colors and materials for bows and central frame.

I found interesting the possibility to customize the colour and the shape of the frame. Definitely an interactive proposal for the young adults’ generation.

The children’s eyewear market is in the hands of Spanish companies who set it out in various ways, but definitely interesting. A market that Italian manufacturers have almost lost. The most interesting and innovative proposals come from Germany, Scandinavia and Spain.

Finally, I noticed a special section dedicated to the Italian “Big Players”  through great design booths thatdominated the pavilion.

BM. In your opinion, how much and how is strategic this sector in a licensing program?

MR. The eyewear is now a fashion item and not just a need and it’s experiencing a great return and appeal,  regardless of the visual needs. So the licensing-out of brands in this sector is certainly a great opportunity and strategically interesting. This does not exclude co-branding that, in my opinion, is equally interesting and perhaps it’s an easier way in this time of uncertain business.

Below a selection of shots done at last MiDo.

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